Talking About A Resolution

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, its a new year!

There’s something wonderfully refreshing about a new year beginning. I, like most, usually plan how I can better myself – create a happier, healthier life in the form of New Years Resolutions. Lets be honest though, planning and good intentions are about as far as it usually gets! I’m ashamed to say ‘giving my blog more attention’ and blogging more regularly’ were on my list this year but lo and behold we’re just over a week into 2017 and I’m only penning my New Year post!

Every year I compose a laughable collection of good intentions but most on my agenda this year are resolutions that have been on my list for most of 2016, an array of ongoing self development as opposed to a set of tangible ambitions. Maintain a clear and positive mind, aim to spend more quality time with my husband, be a better mother, put a greater effort into friendships and be proactive in creating new friendships and last but not least, do something for me!

My husband has opted for more measurable resolutions – holiday more, enjoy more date nights (for both of which he has my full support) and lastly spend less. I’ve broken the news that the final one will be a massive fail considering we’re dream home buying. Quantifiable or not we’ve both opted for things that will ultimately make us happy, so here’s hoping we succeed!

Have you set any goals or resolutions for 2017?

Wishing you a happy, healthy and rewarding 2017!

Jen x


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