Cheshire Golf & Spa Break

We’ve just returned relaxed and with just a hint of a hangover from our luxury break at the elegant and stylish Mottram Hall, a golf and spa hotel set in the glorious Cheshire countryside.



After a lazy morning at home we headed off with the kids and enough suitcases for a month! The girls kept Maisie amused in the back with a little help from Igglepiggle and his friends, so we treated ourselves to the scenic route. Before long we approached the impressive Mottram Hall via it’s stunning tree lined drive and were joined by our friends Matt and Amy, who are the sweetest loved up couple. We had all arrived in time for a quick lunch washed down with a glass of pinot in the Claret Jug Bar and Brasserie.



This break had to cover a lot of bases, family trip, romantic night away, boys golf trip, girls spa day, friends catch-up. Ambitious? Yes, but it didn’t fail to deliver! Well for us, it was as romantic as it gets with a toddler in tow. And I have to admit that although we achieved all these things, we didn’t have any extra time to relax in between, so it did seem a little rushed. Note to self, book two nights! Maisie decided to surprise us, we only had one major meltdown after lunch (a headbutt and slap to the face for me-thanks!) but apart from that she was a dream (even with no nap and a late night)


As any parents who have holidayed with a baby or toddler know, the key to getting optimum relaxation for both parents is to take turns with the parenting stuff! One parent relax’s and one parent keeps child clothed, fed and entertained-simples! The boys went all Rory McIlroy in the afternoon at the championship golf course and the girls joined Maisie and I for a dip in the pool at 3pm (when it was a kid friendly zone). For anyone lucky enough to have a romantic couples break there, it’s nice to know there are times when the pool is an adult only area for blissful relaxation. Mottram Hall also boasts the UK’s first Alfresco ThermoSpace, but sadly I didn’t get a chance to sample the outdoor spa area.


That evening we all dined together at the delightful Carrington Grill served by the most attentive and charming waiter. The food was superb and Maisie was happy to sit colouring and then cuddling with me. I always think it isn’t fair to subject small children to extended elegant dining experiences and expect them to stay quiet, we always bring a bag of goodies and take Maisie for little walks but on this occasion she was quite content. Content enough, in fact, for us to head over to the cocktail lounge for a quick drink before I whisking her off to our Egyptian cotton laden bed. Apparently after we abandoned the evening, the rest of the gang were entertained by an impromptu and impassioned magic act from an old guy in the lounge. Quite impressive and very random by all accounts but such quirks add to the memories of a trip I think.


Sunday was spa day and my turn for the relaxing! Luxury and bliss-come to mama! Like most people I’ve always adored spa treatments but since becoming a mum and enjoying very little time to myself I appreciate any precious pampering hours that I can grab. As I simply couldn’t decide on one treatment I decided to opt for two (because I’m greedy like that) a personalised express facial and a salt and oil body scrub. Armed with fluffy white robes and towels I handed ‘Maisie care’ over to Chris and began to switch off in the ‘Tranquility Zone’ relaxation room. There was a little deviation on one of my treatments due to essential oils and breastfeeding which was flagged up by my lovely spa therapist. Maisie enjoyed another splash in the pool with Chris before a final lunch all together overlooking the golf course.


Heading home Chris voiced what we were all thinking ‘oh I wish we were headed to the airport to fly somewhere sunny.’ We were just getting into our holiday vibe and one night just wasn’t long enough. For anyone reading and considering booking a break at Mottram Hall, my advice is stay longer!

Jen x


  1. Carly @acupfullofglitter
    2nd June 2016 / 8:10 AM

    Sounds like bliss to me! ❤️ X

    • 2nd June 2016 / 8:43 AM

      It was Carly, its nice to escape your own surroundings now and again even if its only for one night, thanks for taking the time to read xx

  2. Amy
    2nd June 2016 / 12:50 PM

    You have such a lovely way of writing….. And your mention of Matt and I made me feel a genuine warmth in my heart. Lovely xx

    • 2nd June 2016 / 4:16 PM

      Oh thank you Amy thats so lovely of you to say! I can’t believe its taken me so long to post this, seems like ages since we were there xx

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