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Hi there!

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to meet me.

I’m Jennifer or better known these days as Maisie’s mum. I’m an Irish, 30-something living in Leicestershire with my husband-to-be Chris, who I aptly describe as ‘the calm to my storm’ and our toddler Maisie aka ‘the sleep thief’. I also have two beautiful stepdaughters, who are grown up now and will probably cringe at this blog.

I’m as surprised as anyone to be embarking on a blogging adventure. One that I have secretly dreamt about for quite a while and I’ve only confided in Chris about recently, which he has teased me at length over! However, despite the teasing and the fact that I’m strangely embarrassed about it, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and hey ho, off we go!

After studying Pyschology at University and doing some travelling in Asia, I embarked on a career in business and finance, mostly by accident. However, I quit my beloved job only a few months after returning from maternity leave as Maisie going to nursery just wasn’t working out and I’ve thrown myself into being ‘Maisie’s Mum’. A year on and I feel like this blog is something for me! I will share my musings on motherhood as I find it and provide snippets from our daily life. With our fast approaching wedding in France you can expect some bridal blabbering and as we’re on the hunt for our dream house there may be some home and interior postings in the not so distant future. You’ve been warned! I hope to attract some kindred spirits and if I inspire anyone or give someone a giggle along the way, then all the better!

If you’re still reading, thanks and I look forward to speaking to you soon,

Jen xx




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