A Floral Collaboration

Anyone who knows me, would be aware of my love of flowers! I love receiving them, sending them and generally faffing with them. I’ve been creating my own personal floral arrangements for over 7 years now.  So when Bloom & Wild (The original letterbox flower delivery company) asked me to collaborate by becoming an ambassador of course I instantly agreed.  I’ve been a big fan for a while, after discovering them via Instagram, both swooning over their lux on-trend bouquets and sending letterbox flowers to family and friends. I even set up a subscription for my fab wedding photographer Louise as a thank you.


As part of my collaboration I’m pleased to offer my followers 20% off at Bloom & Wild. Just use the link I’ve provided and the discount will be added instantly. You’ll have a fabulous bouquet whizzing it’s way to your front door as soon as tomorrow.

As much a I love visiting a luscious florist and hand selecting each stem, the convenience that comes with letter box flowers is a valuable amenity.  We all lead such busy lives (just look at the length of time between my blog posts *head in hands*) and its delightful to have stylish florist quality blooms on the table rather than a mixed supermarket bunch you grabbed with the weekly shop.

I must say it’s an absolute treat to come home to a Bloom & Wild bouquet in your hallway. Use the advice cards included and channel your inner florist.
















Happy shopping,

Jen x













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